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The NMP 03 Micro Diaphragm Gas Pump

The NMP 03 Micro Diaphragm Gas Pump

the smallest of its kind.

OUTSTANDING performance

KNF’s micro gas pump NMP 03 offers outstanding performance in terms of power consumption, suction speed and linearity. Ideal for medical and safety-related applications.

little and light weight but powerful

Measuring 24.2 mm in length only (with brushless Motor), KNF’s latest diaphragm gas pump is setting new standards when it comes to compact design. The NMP 03 is also truly lightweight (starting at 11 g). This makes the pump’s performance data even more impressive. At a constantly linear rate, the pump can transfer quantities from just a few milliliters to up to 500 ml/min. Pumping small quantities of air in a controlled manner has never been so simple.


When size, weight, vibration and noise is critical, when efficiency, controllability and linearity are needed – NMP 03 is the right pump.

  • Emission measurement
  • Drugs and explosives detection
  • Handheld Pipette
  • Patient monitoring
  • Wound therapy (NPWT)
  • Printhead meniscus control
  • many more


Operating Manual
3D CAD Model
Instruction Manual MEZ-1